CS-400 Technical Support

To assist with repairs, print and complete this form:    Repair Request.pdf
Return address label (A4 page, 2 copies per page):   Lincast address label.pdf

To help our customers resolve issues quickly, we are pleased to present the following table...
It assumes the Operator has read the manual and is familiar with the product.
If the fault is not listed or the 'check this' suggestions do not resolve the issue, feel free to contact us before sending in for repair.
This page is subject to editing without notice.

This page also contains TRH4, CS-RP1, MC-400 and
GPS-SMS module solutions.
Main CS-400 controller
Fault / Symptom: Check this:
Pressing ON button has no effect. If the trailer wiring has recently been repaired, is the polarity correct?
Is the power supply at least 12V?
Have you tried another controller with this power supply?
Pressing OFF button has no effect. Remove and re-connect power supply. Power ON. After 5 seconds, press OFF. If unit does not turn off, return for repair.
Can not synchronise two units. Is each unit's Configuration the same? Is one unit defined as U1 and the other defined as U2?
After power on, did Operator wait for each unit's prompt to begin syncing?
Try syncing a TRH4 remote to U1. If okay, re-configure U2 as U1 and try syncing the TRH4 to it.
Power OFF both U1 and U2. Connect U1 and U2 via a "cable mode" cable. Power ON both U1 and U2. Units should automatically sync.

CS-TRH4 and accessories (Wireless/ radio remote control)
Fault / Symptom: Check this:
Pressing ON button has no effect. Has device been charged?
TRH4 charge light not turning ON. Test charging device on another TRH4.
TRH4 charge light not turning OFF. A discharged battery may take 8 hours to charge.
After 24 hours, if TRH4 charge light is still on or is flashing, disconnect TRH4 from charger. After 10 seconds, reconnect charger to TRH4. Charge light should turn off within 1 hour.
When charging, TRH4 case is getting warm. This is normal and will cool down at end of charging cycle.
When charging or during normal use
or when switched off, TRH4 case is getting hot or deformation of case is happening.
Disconnect external power supply (charger), place on non-flammable surface, wait for device to cool then return for possible repair.

Note: This device contains Lithium-Ion batteries.
Use only supplied charger and do not subject to excessive shock.
Ensure it is not stored underneath other items.
As with any electronic device, treat with care.

CS-RP1 (Repeater)
Fault / Symptom: Check this:
Can't synchronise RP1 to U2. U1 must be synchronised to U2 first, then synchronise U1 to RP1
RP1 must be synchronised to U1

MC-400 (Wired remote controller)
Fault / Symptom: Check this:
When plugged in to U1 or U2, status lights
are off.
Check configuration. The MC-400 can not be used in 3-way or 4-way configuration.
Only U1's status LEDs are on. This is normal for Single configuration.

GPS-SMS module (Mobile phone reporting option)
Fault / Symptom: Check this:
Option is not recognised in Menu. Are there two additional sockets below the main antenna socket?
If yes, option is probably faulty. If no, option is not installed.
When number is programmed in, no confirmation SMS is received. Are both antennae properly connected to the CS-400?
Is SIM account in credit? Contact Lincast for confirmation.
Is the unit in a Telstra "3G" serviced area?
(Check using a Telstra-serviced mobile phone.)
Mobile phone antenna fault? Try CS-400 in another fully-equipped trailer.

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