CS-200 Technical Support

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To help our customers resolve issues quickly, we are pleased to present the following table...
It assumes the Operator has read the manual and is familiar with the product.
If the fault is not listed or the 'check this' suggestions do not resolve the issue, feel free to contact us before sending in both Master & Slave for repair.
This page is subject to editing without notice.

This page also contains TRH3 and Manual Controller -related solutions.
Main CS-200 controller
Fault / Symptom: Check this:
Pressing the ON button has no effect. If the trailer wiring has recently been repaired, is the polarity correct?
Is the power supply at least 12V?
Have you tried another controller with this power supply?
If the unit has external fuse holders, are the fuses intact?
Pressing the OFF button has no effect. Return for repair.
The units will not talk to each other, even when close. Are both antennae properly connected?
Does the serial number of the Master and Slave match?
If there is a "cable mode" cable available, switch off both controllers. Insert the cable mode cable into both controllers. Switch on both controllers. Do they begin talking immediately after switch on? If yes, one or both controllers have a radio issue. Return for repair. If no, there is a cable-circuit fault. Return for repair.
Switch off both controllers. Disconnect the antenna cables. Position the trailers so there is a minimum distance between each controller. Switch on both controllers. Do they talk after about five seconds? If yes, there is probably a fault in the trailer antenna system. (plug - cable - antenna base - antenna). If no, return for repair.
Screen shows "MASTER NOT RECEIVING SLAVE" Is the distance between trailers less than 1000 metres?
The trailer antenna must be line-of-site visible to each other without interference (building / ground / trees / vehicle movement)
Are the antennae visible to each other?
Move the controllers to other trailers. (Trailer antenna system may be at fault.)
If using "cable mode", has the cable been damaged?
Screen briefly shows "MASTER LANTERN FAULT OR INVERTER FAIL" and the Master automatically switches off. Does another Master in trailer work okay? If yes, Master at fault. If no, trailer lantern wiring at fault.
"M (or S) DEAD VOLTS" or
"M (or S) LOW VOLTS".
Test the trailer power supply at the CS-200 power connector plug. A supply of 12-16VDC is required. If outside this range, the trailer power supply is at fault.
If within this range, return for repair.
M (or S) GEN FAIL" Trailer power supply issue.
M (or S) RED FAIL" or
M (or S) YELLOW FAIL" or
Lantern head or wiring issue. Try this controller in another trailer.
M (or S) FATAL ERROR" Lantern head or wiring issue, typically two or more lantern heads turning on together. Try this controller in another trailer.
Controller faulty. Return for repair.
M (or S) SENSOR FAIL" or
'NORMAL' mode selected without the vehicle radar detector plugged in to controller.
Detector faulty.
Controller faulty. Return for repair.
This message is generated when 5 errors are generated over a 20 minute period. These errors may be unique or duplicated. Check the system log (9-0-0-YELLOW TIME) to see the last 3 errors.
"CHARGE" status light not turning on Try another controller in this position..
Check trailer power supply.
"CH1" does not appear on display. A system with a serial number before 256 does not have the option to select the second radio channel, therefore, there is no need to display any channel number.

CS-TRH3 and accessories (wireless / radio remote for CS-200)
Fault / Symptom: Check this:
Pressing a button does not wake up display. Battery needs charging.
Battery charge circuit may be faulty. Return for repair.
No display with external 12V supply. Check external 12V supply.
Does this supply 'wake up' another TRH3?
Can not program unit to talk to CS-200. Are the Master & Slave already communicating?
Is the antenna connected to the TRH3?
Display blanks after pressing a button. Battery needs charging.
If fully charged, battery may be in poor health: return for testing / repair.
Vehicle 12VDC cigarette adapter does not
wake up TRH3.
Is power available at vehicle cigarette lighter socket?
Check fuse is intact inside cigarette plug.
Is the "12DC IN" light on?
Does the adapter wake up another TRH3?
Mains 240V adapter does not wake up TRH3. Is power available at the 240V socket?
Is the "12DC IN" light on?
Does the adapter wake up another TRH3?
Charger light does not turn green when first powered up, before connection to TRH3. Is power source for the charger box working?
Is the charger lead plugged in to the "CHARGE" socket? (closest to antenna socket)
If charge light is not green before charger is connected to TRH3, but light is red on insertion, charger is working, but light is defective. Light will turn off on full charge. Repair recommended.
Charger light does not change from green to red when plugged in to "CHARGE" socket. Charging circuit fault. Return for repair.
Charger light does not change from red to green, even after charging for 5+ hours. Is the charger lead plugged in to the correct socket (closest to antenna socket)?
Can not attach antenna to socket. Check for socket damage. Check for antenna plug damage.
Remote only works over a short range. Replace antenna.
Does another TRH3 work over a longer range?
"12DC IN" status light does not turn on when external 12V supply connected. Does insertion of 12V supply plug wake-up remote? If yes, status light is faulty. Return for repair. If no, check external supply on another TRH3.

Manual controller (wired remote for CS-200)
Fault / Symptom: Check this:
Can not control lights when plugged
in to CS-200.
Is the CS-200 in Manual mode?
Does another manual controller work in this CS-200?
Are the status lights working? (Clean socket pins; plug in and plug out the wired controller a few times to 'clean up' the plug pins.)
Status lights are working, but switches do not control the lights. Is the CS-200 in Manual mode? If yes, return for repair.
Status lights are not working, yet switches allow control of the CS-200. Return for repair.

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