GPS-SMS module

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What is your CS-400 system status?
Know it with the GPS-SMS option.

The scenario:
You're a roadside crew supervisor.
You're responsible for ensuring a CS-400-controlled intersection is operating normally.
You need to know immediately if the CS-400 encounters an alarm condition.
No road crew is on-site.

A problem arises and you're responsible for it.
You're in the dark until you get that phone call from your superior!
How to avoid this?

Ensure you're using a CS-400 fitted with the GPS-SMS module.
Solve 'small' problems before they become signficant!

Allows monitoring of all important operational aspects of the CS-400 system.
Works anywhere there is Telstra "3G" mobile phone coverage.
A street address can be programmed into the CS-400 to assist a supervisor to identify which controller's module has generated a status message.
  This is especially useful when two or more intersections are under the management of one supervisor.
  This address can be edited any time the CS-400 system is operational.
The last 5 entries of the error log for U1 can be retreived.

Note: This module can be fitted at any time, but must be installed by Lincast.

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