CS-200 system products

The main CS-200 controller (Master and Slave) and the CS-TRH3 radio remote control are now obsolete and no longer available for sale. Information provided here is for reference only.
The manual controller and linking cable ('cable' mode) are still available.
The CS-TRH3 charger is still available.

(Repair services for the CS-200 product range are mostly unaffected.)

CS-200 (This model is obsolete*)

The CS-200 Portable Traffic Light Controller is an industry-trusted, user-friendly traffic management computer designed and manufactured in Australia.

In conjunction with customer's lanterns, trailers and/or wheelbarrows, it is ideal for road works, mining, disaster control and event traffic management.

Features include:
Comprehensive display information
Quick and easy setup
1 & 2 way modes
Includes a MC-200 wired remote controller on a 25m cable
Standard BNC antenna connection

For more information, check out the CS-200 manual.pdf

CS-TRH3 (This model is obsolete*)

The CS-TRH3 radio controller is designed for use in situations where the operator needs to be up to 1000 metres from the CS-200 Master controller.

Features include:
Easy coupling to the CS-200
Typical 8 hour use between charges
Low battery indicator
Auto shut-off when using battery
Continuous operation when powered by vehicle 12v supply

For more information, check out the CS-TRH3 manual.pdf

Summary of CS-TRH3 battery charging / external power supply connection:

CS-TRH3 top panel

Internal battery will only charge if the Lincast-supplied charger is connected to the "CHARGE" socket.

Do not connect the charger output to the "12DC IN" socket.

The vehicle cigarette lighter adapter plug will not fit into the "CHARGE" socket.

The device may be powered continuously using the Lincast 12V cigarette lighter adapter plug inserted into the "12DC IN" socket.

CS-TRH3 battery charger

The CS-TRH3 battery charger is the only charger approved for use with the TRH3 radio controller.

Adjacent to the output lead is a two-colour status light.
When connected to a power source (but not the TRH3) this light is green.

When inserted into the TRH3 "CHARGE" socket, the light turns red.

On completion of the charge cycle, the light returns to green.

MC-200 Manual Controller

Providing simple control over both 1-way and 2-way traffic flow, the MC-200 is a simple 'plug-and-work' device.

Large, soft-press buttons make direction control easy.

Status LEDs echo real-life lantern heads and are sunlight-viewable.

CS-200 Linking Cable

For those times when a radio link is not possible.

Supplied as a 25 metre length, the cable will cater to many traffic management situations.

Will allow two CS-200 controllers to communicate instantly without risk of radio interference.

Allows multiple CS-200 systems to be used in one area.

* Obsolete:
CS-200: After the release of the CS-400, Lincast made the decision to stop manufacturing the CS-200.
Shortly after, one of our suppliers advised that some parts used in the CS-200 were no longer available.
Very rarely, this will impact our ability to repair a CS-200 that is sent to us.

CS-TRH3: As above.

Rest assured, we are still servicing all models..

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